Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice

Stay on the side of the road.
Stay on the side of the road.
Stay on the side of the road.

She repeats the plea like a mantra, as dusk falls and the car hurtles forward to whatever our destination is this time. She watches for deer and groundhogs and turtles, praying that she doesn't see any--or that, if she does, she sees them in time to warn him.

He drives, knowing that he won't always be able to swerve, to miss, to avoid the sickening thud -- and her tears. The tears wrench his heart, just as the wasted lives and mutilated bodies tear at her's.

They wonder why--why the species that can land on the moon cannot stop the eradication of entire animal groups by speeding cars and trucks; why some bright scientist has yet to invent an auto accessory that will warn animals away from traffic.

I hear them speak of special reflectors being used to keep moose and elk off roads in the north; brush and shrub covered overpasses for endangered species in Australia; and vegetated underpasses that provide panthers and other animals a safe way to traverse highways in Florida.

And we think: wouldn't it be nice if all people valued the lives of creatures that must cross the roadways. Maybe then scientists would be encouraged to do more research designed to stop the highway slaughter of animals, and road builders would be required to design roads that are safer for all species.

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Andrea said...

Hi, Kylee. How poetic you are. I can remember as a child in the back of my father's car seeing kittens along the side of the road and wishing them to stay still and/or go back. I hope that between the insticts of the animal kingdom and the hopefully quickly developing knowledge of mankind, the senseless killings of all creatures will be lessened greatly, if not completely eradicated, in the not too distant future.